Hi. Im Jon, an always positive, always creative guy who loves a good challenge. 

I picked up my first SLR camera back in 2009 and never thought that I would be taking the kinds of photos or working with the kinds of people I work with today!

I am a North East England based photographer, yet my job can sometimes take me all over the country.

If you have already seen my portfolio, you have seen that my clientele varies but with each new client comes a fun, friendly and affordable service that is tailored to your needs, to get the photos you deserve! 


Below is a list of what I offer:

  • Cosplay photography
  • Portraits - Fashion, glamour, boudoir, portfolio, business, family, animal  
  • Wedding and baptism photography
  • Events and commercial photography


If you would like to know more, please contact me and I will gladly offer assistance.

Jonathan Chan

Professional Photographer